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  • reviews of dvds

    Reviews on all the latest DVDs from latest releases and family favourites to Oscar-winning epics, covering all genres from comedy to action and drama.

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  • cinema popcorn
    Cinema releases

    Whether it's the latest animated adventure or all-action blockbuster, find out which of the latest crop of new releases it's worth taking the family to see.

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  • apps

    Find out which apps are really worth the money, which will keep the kids amused for hours and which are more likely to bankrupt you if you haven't turned off the in-app purchases function?

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  • e reader

    The Kindle may be the market-leading e-reader, but it's not the only one out there. See what Mumsnetters think of the e-readers they have.

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  • tablets
    iPads and tablet computers

    Whether it's destined to be used by your children to download free games, or guarded jealously by you, see which tablet computers are highly rated by other parents.

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  • laptop
    Laptops and netbooks

    Laptops are more powerful and offer greater functionality, while netbooks are lighter, but may come with more basic software. Both are great for staying connected at home or on the move.

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  • desktop

    Your choice of desktop computer will probably be guided by whether you're using it yourself, purely for work or whether it's going to be the computer the whole family uses.

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  • printer

    From printing out airline boarding passes, homework or birthday invitations, a household printer is a very useful thing indeed - as long as you can find one that's economical with its ink.

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  • smartphones

    The key decision you'll have to make when it comes to a smartphone is whether to worship at the altar of Apple or break ranks and go for Android.

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  • audio

    The smartest DAB radio to grace your kitchen worktop, the the best MP3 player for runners, luxury wireless home audio systems... they're all reviewed here.

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  • gadgets
    Other gadgets

    From capturing those precious moments to working out how the hell to get to that holiday cottage, here are the gadgets that have made other Mumsnetters' lives easier (or not).

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